Ogimaa Mikana: Reclaiming/Renaming

The Ogimaa Mikana Project is an effort to restore Anishinaabemowin place-names to the streets, avenues, roads, paths, and trails of Gichi Kiiwenging (Toronto) - transforming a landscape that often obscures or makes invisible the presence of Indigenous peoples. Starting with a small section of Queen St., re-naming it Ogimaa Mikana (Leader's Trail) in tribute to all the strong women leaders of the Idle No More movement, the Project hopes to expand throughout downtown and beyond.
In solidarity with Honour The Apology.

In solidarity with Honour The Apology.

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    More P.D.A. — Public Displays of Anishinaabe — from Ogimaa Mikana Project! See our article on this cool project here:...
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